HUMP DAY by Dream Office - Thailand


Hump day is an event where the new generation of professionals can get connected, share ideas, and develop themselves as the future leaders of the ASEAN. After organized in Thailand for 2 years, we decided to expand the event to other countries in ASEAN. This year 2017 we planned to go to 3 different countries:
1. Vietnam
2. Malaysia
3. Cambodia
We aim to achieve our Dream Office roadmap by creating the International awareness using Hump day as the first step to enter the market. We aim to do Hump day special with our Partners all over ASEAN countries.

Hump day will be the first step to understand the ecosystem of the startups in ASEAN, and it will be easier for us to entering and preparing the course for Startup GO.

Our Objectives:
To gain exposure of Dream Office as Thailand startup ecosystem, as well as getting inside the ecosystem of startups in other countries.

Out Puts:
Hump day special will be the key first link to our Startup GO, we will understand the market and our target more. Therefore, we will be able to deliver the course of Startup Go more efficiently.

Virtual Reality Technology (VR) is the technology that brings users into the virtual world via the connecting devices: mobile phone and VR cardboards. Recently, VR technology has begun to play a greater role in game industry, medical industry, business industry and also the education industry.

Educational System is the real problem in Thai society; the access to good quality of knowledge is limited and expensive. The use of technology and education was only available to a specific group of people. This is why we aim to bring technology and education closer to everyone in Thailand. To us, the most important thing is an easy access for everyone. “Everybody can access easily”

“InfofedVR” is an educational technology startup with a dream to challenge the traditional education system in making content easier to understand through the use of new technologies which constantly evolves every day. Recently, InfofedVR brought together its Virtual Technology or VR and the presentation of content so that it can be easily understood through the VR-techniques image and sound. We use technology to create excitement in learning and encourage people of the new generations to access to great content that is stimulating and useful in every way.

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Tue May 23, 2017
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM MYT
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